BASS ENGINE 808 – Clean / Distorted

BASS ENGINE 808 – Clean / Distorted

Bass Engine 808 – VST / AU – The Ultimate 808 Bass

BASS ENGINE 808 VST is our attempt to collect every possible 808 type sound from the ultra clean to a distorted mayhem and compile them into one very easy to use plug-in. Absolutely perfect for any producer looking to utilise the 808 sound in there own productions. This is the last 808 VST you will ever buy.

BASS ENGINE 808 plug-in includes 250 clean, distorted and dual processed 808 sub basses all designed by our in-house team to give every possible option when it comes to adding the 808 sound to your beats.


The Last 808 Bass VST You’ll Buy!

The 808 sound has been around for a long time now, from the early days of the original and timeless Roland TR-808™ being utilised solely as a drum machine then onto the evolution of the deep bass sound pioneered by the producers in the south, right up to present day where the heavy kick and and sub bass has been ever present in Crunk, Dirty South, Trap and now Drill.

Clean Sub Bass

If you want your latest track to bang in the club or rattle those bumping 12″ speakers in your car then you are going to need a clean fat 808 bass. Combine this bass sound with a nice and punchy kick drum too and you have the building blocks in place to create a deep bassy yet impactful beat. Start your track with the cleanest of bass then add effects or distortion to suit taste or audience.

Distorted & Saturated 808’s

Sadly, most people listening to music in the modern world do it on cell phones, tablets, TV and usually any audio device that cannot play bass very well. The secret trick to make your 808’s and sub bass translate to these mediums is to use saturation or distortion.

With the mids/highs saturated the listener gets to hear the “bass” a lot better due to the higher frequencies becoming more pronounced in the mix. With both clean and distorted bass combined within the mix you will be able to cover most situations for the end listener.

Dual Processed Magic

So you have your clean 808. You also have an option for adding distorted or saturated 808’s too. What’s next? We have decided to take things even further and added a large collection of dual processed patches. These consist of a clean fat sub 808 then layered with either unique pads, leads, stabs and even vocal cuts all perfectly tuned and expertly processed for maximum impact and creativity. You will not find an 808 collection as huge and cinematic as these set of patches for sure.

The Futuristic 808’s

Futuristic 808’s are a glimpse into the sonic future of the sub bass genre. We wanted to make a selection of patches that contain a whole variety of weird FX, melodic tones and abstract sounds all underpinned by a fat 808 bass that will hopefully hold up in your beats and productions for years to come.


  • 250 Fresh 808 patches inc ultra clean, distorted and saturated, dual processed and much more.
  • Built in flexible pitch, pan, glide and gain controls.
  • Includes a built in analogue style distortion/saturation module.
  • Flexible drive mix and drive gain for total tonal control.
  • Includes a built in Hi/Lo Pass Filter
  • Includes Poly, Mono and Legato modes.
  • Stereo output level meters.
  • Full ADSR controls
  • Ultra low CPU usage [perfect if you own a  laptop / tablet / low spec PC/MAC]
  • Ultra fast patch loading [flick through patches in lightening quick times]
  • Program your MIDI patterns manually or use a MIDI/USB controller/keyboard/MPD


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