CRATE DIGGER – Hip Hop / Samples

CRATE DIGGER – Hip Hop / Samples

Crate Digger – VST / AU – Virtual Vinyl System

Crate Digger is an innovative plug-in for PC or MAC. We have designed this “instrument” to give beat makers and crate diggers an instant library of royalty free, vinyl style Hip Hop samples. The software contains 1280 unique hand crafted samples distributed across 80 included patches so you will never be short of ideas in the lab.

Crate Digger has been inspired by the dusty, chopped up sampling techniques utilised by Hip Hop producers in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Due to the limited amount of sampling time MPC’s had in this period, beat makers developed clever ways to create sonic soundscapes utilising short samples of Jazz, Funk, Rock and Soul vinyl records.

Royalty Free Hip Hop Samples

When we released our debut plug-in Beat Machine, we knew many beat makers drum problems had been solved, 6 months later when Bass Engine was dropped onto the public, the low end problems encountered by so many was helped too.  It became obvious to us that to complete the Hip Hop producers toolbox we had to make a plug-in that would allow producers to recreate sample type beats without the common problems associated with digging vinyl.

Unlimited Beat Making Possibilities

Within this plug-in you will find rhodes chords, old synth riffs, chunky guitar stabs, orchestral runs and delicate piano melodies among a host of useful FX. We will also be releasing a new “crate” collection every month covering every style of sampling and sonic creation you can think of, meaning this software will forever be expandable.

Get Crate Diggin’

You now have the almost infinte beat making possibilities at your fingertips while having none of the worry of sample clearance issues or having to shell out $$$ on rare second hand 12″s.


  • 1280 quality crafted classic samples including stabs, chops, loops, FX and more
  • 80 themed patches all EQ’ed mixed and key grouped for instant use
  • 100% Royalty Free, all these samples are made from scratch by our own team of producers
  • 16 separate volume and pan controls
  • Velocity selection and Mono/Poly modes.
  • Built in flexible pitch and drive controls
  • Built in analogue style reverb
  • Built in Hi & Lo pass filter
  • New patches added with each update
  • Ultra low CPU usage [perfect if you own a  laptop / tablet / low spec PC/MAC]
  • Ultra fast patch loading [flick through patches in lightening quick times]
  • Program your chops manually or use a MIDI/USB controller/keyboard/MPD


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CRATE DIGGER FOR PC [32/64Bit] Hip Hop Samples - Crate Digging - Vinyl Sounds £60 | $80

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CRATE DIGGER FOR MAC [AU/VST] Drum VST - Beat Plug-In £60 | $80


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