DUB SYSTEM – Bass / Guitar / FX / Keys

DUB SYSTEM – Bass / Guitar / FX / Keys

Dub System – VST / AU – Reggae & Dub Instruments

DUB SYSTEM is a unique and vintage sounding Dub and Reggae VST/AU plug-in for PC or MAC. This software has been specifically designed for producers who require that awesome Island infused sound in one simple, easy to use plug-in.

DUB SYSTEM includes 100’s of classic instruments and patches such as all of which have been recorded, EQ’ed and mixed to match that legendary Jamaican sound, giving you top quality Dub & Roots vibes right out of the box.


The Roots of Bass Culture

The influence that Jamaican music has had on the world over the last 60+ years has been immeasurable. You can see the DNA of Dub and Reggae in almost every electronic genre about today from Hip Hop and Grime to DnB and Dubstep and all the eclectic experimentations in between such as 2-Step, LoFi and Dub Techno.

Heavy Deep Bass

The foundation of Dub is bass. Not just any bass but heavy deep bass with a low rumble. Although normally played with the thumb on thick strings on a Fender bass, technological changes have allowed producers to create booming basses within the digital realm. These patches contain everything from old school live bass right up to modern synth sine waves and many of the variations in between.

Vintage Keys

Keyboards and synths haven’t had a huge presence in the soundtrack of Dub but they do make the occasional notable appearance usually in the form of the MKI & MKII electric piano, Melodica and piano. We have added these classic sounds to our Dub VST to give you access to the same vibes that the legendary producers have been using since the creation of Dub way back in the 60’s. For the non -piano players we have also included a useful major and minor skank piano patch for instant dub out of the box.

The Horn Section

One of the key components to any good Reggae or Dub tune is a quality horn section to provide even more impact and presence in the mix. We decided to include several full brass sections as well as solo instruments such as Trumpets and Saxophones of different types.

Skank Guitars & Muted Strings

Other than the deep bass another instrument that is ubiquitous with Dub & Reggae is the skank guitar. Using a combination of both pick and palm mute played by the guitarist a rhythmic yet harmonic sound is created and provides a perfect partner to the basslines. We have added a comprehensive skank guitar section featuring both Major and Minor chords on both the neck and bridge pick up plus the option of using either the beefy Les Paul or the classic sound of the Stratocaster for even greater flexibility.

Sound System Horns, Vocals & FX

One of the key hallmarks of any Reggae sound clash or battle other than the usage of infamous dub plates is the presence of delay and reverb soaked sound effects triggered by the DJ or MC. No sound clash would be complete with an assortment of of lasers, horns and sporadic vocal cuts and this Dub System VST is exactly the same.


  • 100’s of amazing instruments and patches inc bass, guitar, keys, vocals and FX.
  • The demo tracks MIDI files are also included designed to get you started right away.
  • Built in flexible pitch, pan, glide and gain controls.
  • Includes a built in Roland Space Echo style delay unit.
  • Includes a built in spring style reverb.
  • Includes a built in classic chorus mix option
  • Includes a built in Hi/Lo Pass Filter
  • Includes Poly, Mono and Legato modes.
  • Fully working VU meters.
  • Full ADSR controls
  • Ultra low CPU usage [perfect if you own a  laptop / tablet / low spec PC/MAC]
  • Ultra fast patch loading [flick through patches in lightening quick times]
  • Program your MIDI patterns manually or use a MIDI/USB controller/keyboard/MPD


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