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Bass Engine – VST/AU is out now!

Bass in your face…

Due to the massive success of our debut plug-in Beat Machine, we knew we had to the deliver the same fantastic quality in our next release and here it is.

Bass Machine was initially developed due to our frustrations with the Bass synths already available on the market. If you wanted a VST bass in your tracks you had the choice of 30Gb monsters that had 1000’s of patches, amazingly realistic patches but didnt have the dirt or low end needed for Hip Hop. the other option was using a so called “Bass” synths that were aimed purely at the EDM/Dance producers who would utilise that type of electronic sound.

None of these options appealed to us, we just wanted a bass “synth” that produced a variety of big, fat dirty bassline’s that sounded like they were ripped straight from vinyl and Bass Engine does just that.

Essentially, talk is cheap so check out the Bass Engine demo’s and hear for yourself. Bass Engine is PC & MAC compatible and is available both in 32bit and 64bit formats for the crazy price of just £60 / $85


Blow some speakers…