Beat Machine – VST/AU is out now!

The time has come…

Its been nine long  months in development but our debut product is finally here and damm we are so happy with it and we hope you will be too.

We started this project initially as a tool to help our own Hip Hop productions, over the years we had collected a huge amount of dope drum sounds (like most obsessive producers do!) but it was always a pain in the butt every time we started a new beat to find the perfect kick, snare and hi-hat combinations out of the thousand of drum samples we had collected, so we had an idea to make a plug-in that had all our favorite kits in one easy to manage place and Beat Machine was born.

We chose our all time preferred drum sounds and matched them together to make a huge selection of complete drum kits designed especially for the underground Hip Hop producer looking for that Dilla, Madlib, Premo style vibe. Our kits definitely not shiny 808 selections or over processed sounds but raw, dirty, authentic drum samples, this doesn’t mean the sound quality is garbage, what it means is that you can (with a slice of talent) produce tracks that capture that gritty 90’s vibe without having to own an MPC60 or an SP1200.

Essentially, talk is cheap so check out the Beat Machine’s demo’s and hear for yourself. Beat Machine is PC & MAC compatible and is available both in 32bit and 64bit formats for the crazy price of just £60 / $85


Make beats not war…