Beat Machine 2 – VST/AU is out now!

Its that time again…

Its been a long  time in development but Beat Machine 2 is finally here and we are pleased to announce it came out better than expected.

When we thought about making a follow up to Beat Machine we realised we had to push things up a level, it had to be bigger, it had to have more features and it had to have more importantly, a purpose. It would have been easy to remake Beat Machine with a different skin and different drums but we wanted more than that. It had to be special. We’d like to  think Beat Machine 2 has achieved that.

We really liked the way the Bass Engine patches where sorted by year rather than just a random selection of names, so we adopted this format for Beat Machine 2. Hip Hop drums have definitely evolved over the last 30 years so it made perfect sense to group the Beat Machine 2 kits in that logical way. The kits start of with that dusty Boom Bap sound then move into a smoother vibe while progressing into the modern day 808/909 kits that we know so well.

Anyway, check out the Beat Machine 2 demo’s and hear for yourself. Beat Machine 2 is PC & MAC compatible and is available both in 32bit and 64bit formats for the awesome price of just £60 / $99


Drop beats not bombs…