Beat Machine 3 – VST/AU Is Out Now

When we released Beat Machine 1 and Beat Machine 2 these were aimed directly at the the Hip Hop producer market. We realised that if we made another VST drum machine we had to expand our horizons and explore new genres.

With Beat Machine 3 we believe we have managed to create an drum machine plug-in that covers pretty much every genre of music possible.

Beat Machine 3 will help you create everything from drum and bass breaks to rock rhythms, future bass bangers and tech house standards. Your only limitation will be your own imagination.

Anyway, check out the Beat Machine 3 audio demo’s below and hear for yourself. Beat Machine 3 is PC & MAC compatible and is available both in 32bit and 64bit formats for the awesome price of just £60 / $80

[Grab it now for Just £30 / $40 during our Black friday sale]